LOGOS II: ‘On “Spirituality” and “Metaphysics”’ (Video Transcript and Expansion)


A reblog from The Grand Tangent: LOGOS! II.

The Grand Tangent

LOGOS II (SoundCloud / YouTube)

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”



Here is my second video transcript and expansion (VT&E), this time on the use of the phrases “spirituality” and “metaphysics,” and regarding phraseology in talking about the “inner life” more generally. (THIS is the video, part two of the LOGOS series of videos that I am slowly (but surely) putting online.)

crowley Aleister Crowley. (Source unknown.)

So, “once more unto the breech…”:

“So, today I kind of wanted to talk about… spirituality. You know: what does that mean? You know, what annoys me is that… I dunno… I guess I think of myself as [something of a] spiritual person. No—I definitely think of myself as a spiritual person, but, I don’t feel the need to define  what that means, exactly… because I…

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LOGOS I: ‘Of Course We’re Doomed’ (Video Transcript and Expansion)


A reblog from The Grand Tangent: LOGOS! I.

The Grand Tangent

LOGOS I (SoundCloud / YouTube)

I’ve been itching to reboot my YouTube account for a while now. I used to do some sparse reviews and music video mashups and all that. I figured, I’ve still got it on there, and decided to start uploading again.

THIS is my most recent yammering. An impromptu monologue in line with « Forever and Ever (and Ever and Ever and…)—a Little Rant… », on the collision of value and virtue. Part of a new and ongoing series with the provisional name of LOGOS:

I’m not a bona fide philosopher. But I like to talk my ass off.

Gustave Doré: illustration of Lucifer falling from Heaven (1865), for Milton's Paradise Lost. Gustave Doré: illustration of Lucifer falling from Heaven (1865), for Milton’s Paradise Lost.

The transcript:

“Of course we’re doomed. That’s a given. But, I think we often wonder how and when… I mean, you can’t honestly expect the human race to survive…

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Per Ardua ad Astra (Welcome!)

Through adversity to the stars!

Welcome to my new blog. I am Vincent St. Clare, a somewhat lackadaisical man with a mystic’s heart and a skeptic’s mind. I am a writer in various senses: a blogger, essayist, poet, and author of short fiction. I’m also an all-around curious person.

I decided to test my mettle as a blogger beginning sometime around 2011 or 2012, when I started a Tumblr blog, and Blogger mirror blog, entitled Not I: Meditations on the Strange Side of Life. (Those blogs have since been deleted.) I eventually ended up leaving those blogs behind and started another blog, The Grand Tangent, in April 2014. I blogged there for a short while, writing about everything from politics and society to the environment to religion and spirituality. I eventually realized that, precisely because that blog was literally a long series of tangents, it lacked the focus necessary to make it really shine. (The Grand Tangent still serves as my main website, featuring a list of my written works.)

Now, in late 2018, I’ve decided to initiate this blog, LOGOS!, with a focus on a skeptic’smyday-to-day spiritual journey.

I am a skeptic and evidentialist at heart: I doubt the existence of things for which the evidence is insufficient. At the same time I feel a deep impulse toward something greater than myself; I’m inspired to pursue a spiritual path because I sense there is something more to the world, something sacred in spite of the base matter from which the universe is formed.

How to reconcile these two: the skeptic’s mind and the mystic’s heart? This blog will explore the bridging of the gap between those two aspects of myself.

Per ardua ad astra is a Latin phrase which means, “Through adversity to the stars.” I find it fits well the theme of this blog, by which I will attempt to document spiritual development and mystical experimentation while maintaining a rational and scientific frame of mind.

I intend to update this blog on a weekly basis, to the best of my ability.

Let’s hope that my writing does carry itself so far, from the dark lead of Earth to the golden light of the stars above.

Stay tuned for more!